In 45 of the last 50 years, Congress has spent more money than it received in revenues—increasing the national debt to over $52,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States. [i] The vast majority of Americans from across the political spectrum now. . . Believe the nation’s financial condition is a serious problem (92%).[ii]  Are not confident Congress can solve economic problems (73%),[iii]  Support a balanced budget amendment (74%).[iv] To launch that process, please review the... read more

Less than half of the Americans polled approve of the way the Supreme Court does its job (45%).[i]   Currently, there are no term limits for members of the Supreme Court—and each member remains on the court for an average of about 26 years. [ii]   56% of Americans polled want to limit the term of a Supreme Court justice to 18 years.[iii] The current, 16 word sample proposal simply asks whether you think there should be term limits for members of the Supreme Court. If you do, then you may... read more

I apologize for providing an incorrect link to the sample amendment on Term Limits – Congress (TL1). The error has been corrected and you may now review the short and simple, 15 word proposed Term Limits- constitutional amendment for Congress (TL1) and then Vote Share Your Suggestions Submit Your Own Proposal, and Send this on to everyone else you know who may be interested.   Thank you!     Blair C. Henry J.D. Executive Director  

87% of Americans want term limits for members of Congress.[1] The President has term limits.[2] Almost a third of the states have term limits.[3] And yet Congress continues to ignore the will of the people. FORTUNATELY, Article V of the Constitution gives the people the right to bypass Congress and explore and implement proposals that are acceptable to 75% of the state legislatures–as amendments to the constitution. Therefore please review the short, simple, 15 word proposed Term Limits co... read more

$6.75 a year is what it would cost each eligible voter to replace ALL the private financing of federal election campaigns—and eliminate the influence of money on the American political process [i] Take a look at the 15 word sample proposed Campaign Finance constitutional amendment CF1. Then take a look at the math and the facts and then Vote Add your own suggestions Send in Your Own Proposal, and Send this on to everyone else you know for their vote and suggestions. Strengthening YOUR democra... read more

To strengthen the American democratic process, these appear to be the top five most popular upgrades supported by a vast majority of Americans across the political spectrum—and yet there currently continues to be little or no chance any of these will handled by Congress in the foreseeable future: Campaign finance (81%) [1] Term limits (78%) [2] Balanced budget (74%) [3] Climate change (74%) [4] Ethical standards for public policymakers.[5] In order for The American People to bypass Congres... read more

Hi Everyone! I’ll soon be sending you more information on the following three giant steps in establishing a cooperative, non-partisan process to strengthen the American democracy: 1. Local Town Hall Meetings – I’ve designed and will be facilitating 4-6 hour, highly interactive, videotaped town hall meetings around the nation. 2. Public Presentations – I’m also providing shorter, 1-2 hour presentations which are also interactive but not as much as the town hall meetings. 3. Sample Propo... read more

Hi Everyone!! I’d appreciate your assistance as we test the theory that we’re all only six contacts away from everyone else on the planet. We’re interested in meeting with the following people and organizations that we believe may be interested in supporting The People’s Convention and I’d be very grateful if you’d let me know . . . 1. If you—or anyone you know—may have access to any of these people or organizations, and 2. If you—or anyone you know—may have access to other p... read more

Hi Everyone!! Here’s the text from the updated One-Page Overview of our work at The People’s Convention. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions! Thank you!! ____________________________________________________ THE ONE-PAGE OVERVIEW THE ISSUE Trust and confidence in the American political process is almost non-existent; there are a number of issues The People need addressed; and there doesn’t appear to be any light at the end of the tunnel. WHAT WE DO The People’s Convention ... read more

Hi Everyone!! First, I’m thrilled to announce our team at The People’s Convention is growing!! The recent generous assistance and contribution of • Dave Strait of Pennsylvania (formerly Minneapolis-St. Paul) • Kimberly Easson of Washington DC, and • Loren Miner of Los Angeles moves The People’s Convention forward dramatically as we work to support everyday Americans in coming together in a convention to explore proposals  to restore their trust and confidence in the American dem... read more