Sunday November 13, 2016
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Anyone Ready for Honesty in Politics?HP1d

Here’s another point of view on the 2016 presidential election–and it’s NOT partisan, congratulatory or whiney.

KEY: To transform anything, you will need to have a profound relationship with what’s so (the facts). Here’s what’s so.

1. Honesty, equality and justice are core American values

2. Fact-checker Politifact ( indicates

  • Of 331 statements by Donald Trump, 70% were false or mostly false

  • Of 293 statements by Hillary Clinton, 26% were false or mostly false

  • Of 110 statements by Bernie Sanders, 28% were false or mostly false

3. In 2016, the final three major US presidential candidates made false or mostly false statements to the American people 26% to 70% of the time (one-quarter to almost three-quarters of the time)

4. Deception, accidental or not, is the antitheses of honesty, equality and justice

5. The U.S. Supreme Court has said “. . .the ability of the citizenry to make informed choices among candidates for office is essential…”

6. The American people have never granted themselves the right to honesty in their constitution—and they may do so! (See Results of The People’s Convention 2016)

7. It may imprudent to trust a person will actually DO what they SAY when 70% of their key statements have been proven to be false or mostly false.

8. If you really want to know what someone is committed to, watch what they actually DO, not what they SAY.

If you are interested in having the following state and federal constitutional amendment approved by your state legislature, contact us!

“The people shall have the right to complete honesty in all matters of public policy” (15 words)

We can help with that. That’s what we do.


Blair Henry

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