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One Page Overview – With Endnotes

Blair Henry is the Founder and Executive Director of The People’s Convention Inc., a neutral, nonpartisan, 501c3 non-profit organization providing the American people with the opportunity to exercise their previously unexercised constitutional right to

• Hold their own nonpartisan convention
• Explore proposals addressing their concerns, and
• Forward highly popular proposals to the state legislatures for approval as amendments to their federal and state constitutions

Blair has served as

• Managing Director & General Counsel, HenryConsulting – climate change and clean energy[1]
• Professional Meeting Facilitator – corporations, organizations and governments[2]
• Co-Founder & Executive Director, North Dakota Chapter, Physicians for Social Responsibility[3]
• Professor, Earth System Science Institute, Graduate School, University of North Dakota [4]
• Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, College of Business & Public Administration, U. North Dakota[5]
• Co-Founder & President, The Northwest Council on Climate Change, Seattle, WA[6]
• Founder & President, Blair C. Henry, P.S., Seattle, WA. – law firm[7]
• Executive Director, Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center, Seattle, WA[8]
• Course Leader, Landmark Education LLC, Seattle, WA[9]
• Seminar Manager, Werner Erhard and Associates, Cincinnati, OH[10]
• Corporate Banking Attorney, People’s National Bank of Washington, Seattle, WA[11]
• Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Olympia, WA[12]
• Internships:

United States Senate, Washington, DC
State Senate, Olympia, WA
State Department of Revenue, Olympia, WA
King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Fraud Division, Seattle, WA[13]

Formal Education: [14]

• The George Washington University, Washington D.C. – undergraduate courses
• University of Washington, Seattle, WA.– BA in Economics and Political Science
• Seattle University, Seattle, WA. – JD Law degree
• CDR Associates, Boulder, CO. – Certified Mediator

Blair has made over 250 presentations to over 25,000 people and authored numerous publications related to climate change and clean energy development including

• Reports
• Books
• Newspaper Editorials
• Legislative bills [15]

Contact information:
Blair Henry
Blair (at) The


Additional information can be found in the following endnotes.

HenryConsulting, developing comprehensive and integrated corporate strategies to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and manage investments in cleaner and more efficient energy technologies 1996-2009

Consulted with managers from Microsoft, Boeing and Washington State government. Managed and facilitated Board retreats and strategic planning meetings of diverse organizations 1986-2009

Physicians for Social Responsibility, North Dakota Chapter, Grand Forks, North Dakota. Local chapter of the 1985 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 2004-2005

Earth System Science Institute, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND.
Faculty member of the Graduate School of The Earth System Science Institute training scientists and academics in communicating effectively with policymakers 2002-2003

College of Business & Public Administration, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND 2003-2004

The Northwest Council on Climate Change, Seattle, WA.  Public safety organization of more than 70 multi-disciplinary professionals addressing global climate change 1996-2002

Hosted and facilitated significant meetings of elected leaders from every level of government as well as scientific and technical experts from major universities and governmental agencies.

Work acknowledged by the Governor’s office, members of the state legislature, the
U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a large aluminum company as being the leading source of reliable, credible and helpful information on climate change.  Worked with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Public Speaker – Over 250 presentations to over 25,000 people
Conference Organizer – Co-organized eight major climate change conferences including three regional and one national climate change workshop for The White House in 1996-97. This typically involved the coordination and facilitation of 100-500 scientific, policy and business experts in achieving consensus on what was needed to address climate change and in what order.
Attendee – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – Kyoto, Japan.
Author of Legislation – Authored over thirteen state legislative bills. Three became law.
Member – Served on the congressionally mandated US National Assessment on the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change as mandated by Congress. Work was published.

Blair C. Henry, P.S., Seattle, Washington.  Law office of three attorneys and five staff serving on matters related to corporate banking, mediating corporate disputes, franchising, estates and employment law. Served professionally as an advocate, mediator, arbitrator, counselor, consultant and facilitator 1988-2002

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center, Seattle, WA. Led the nation’s leading resource center in the prevention of pollution.  Funded primarily by state and federal governments to bring together regularly disparate groups of major businesses, manufacturers, and governmental regulators to ensure the timely and cost-effective reduction of dangerous pollutants in the states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho. Chosen to be a Member of the Compliance Assistance Advisory Council (CAAC) advising the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on national policy regarding compliance with EPA regulations 2001-2002

Landmark Education LLC, Seattle, WA. Led hundreds of sessions of courses to an average of 80-180 people a week. The courses dealt primarily with developing and strengthening community leadership, communication and empowerment skills. This involved considerable training and development, preparation and team project management. 1990-1999

Werner Erhard and Associates, Cincinnati, OH. 1987-1988
WE&A is a global leader in the field of training and development providing courses, seminars and programs designed to bring about a fundamental shift or transformation in what is possible. Managed the department accountable for enrolling. registering and serving the 900 participants of the nine (9) ongoing seminars in the seven (7) cities of Cleveland, OH.,Columbus, OH., Cincinnati, OH, Dayton, OH., Indianapolis, IN., Louisville, KY., and Pittsburgh, PA. Developed considerable long-term project planning, enrollment and team building skills.

People’s National Bank of Washington, Seattle, WA. Served as in-house counsel for a $2.7 billion national bank with approximately 95 branches, 3500 employees and 45 correspondent banking relationships. Primarily accountable for all matters related to federal, state and local regulations pertaining to national banks, consumer credit and the deposit side of banking. Successfully created, coordinated and managed multi-disciplinary teams among competitive banks, department and businesses.

Repeatedly designated the “The Most Popular Speaker” by 35-45 bank presidents and 90 branch managers.  Assisted in the creation of one of the nation’s first automated bank teller machine networks (ATMs). This involved coordinating highly diverse technologies and the needs of a range of highly competitive financial institutions without violating any antitrust, privacy or banking laws.

I also assisted in facilitating the acquisition of a number of other smaller financial institutions. This involved dozens of unrelated issues affecting a number of unrelated departments 1982-1986

Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Olympia, WA. Chief of the Division that prosecuted sexual offenses against children and crimes by juveniles. Key member of the countywide interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, teachers, social workers and law enforcement professionals investigating and prosecuting crimes by and against juveniles. Recognized by the Washington State Auditor as having the most comprehensive understanding of the civil and criminal laws pertaining to children in the State of Washington 1980-1981

United States Senate, Washington, DC 1973-1974
Washington State Senate, Olympia, WA 1976
Washington State Department of Revenue, Olympia, WA 1977
King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Fraud Division, Seattle, WA 1978-1979

Undergraduate – The George Washington University, Washington DC 1973
Bachelor’s Degree – University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. Economics and Political Science, Omicron Delta Epsilon, international economics honorary 1976
Law Degree – Seattle University, Seattle, Washington 1979
Mediator Certification – CDR Associates, Boulder, CO 1991

REPORT –  Climate Change: Playing to Win. Proposed U.S. alignment upon standardized measures and a single, adequate goal. Provided graphics specifically indicating the goal required for the world to have a better than 50% chance of avoiding catastrophic climate. Compared the goals proposed to date by Congress and key interest groups. 24 pages plus endnotes 2008

SUMMARY REPORT –  The Critical Role of the U.S. Electricity Sector in Addressing Global Warming. Summary report disclosing the top 100 U.S. greenhouse gas emitters out of the nation’s 4000 electricity companies. Indicated the top 19 utilities were responsible for over 50% of the emissions. 5 pages. 2007

BOOK – Global Warming for Republicans, Key Verifiable Statistics, A Critical Goal, What Works and What Won’t. Acknowledged by Hon. John Bohn, Member, California Public Utilities Commission as “This (book) is great!” We really need this!” 33 pages and 35 pages of endnotes 2006

BOOK – Global Warming in a Nutshell: A Policymaker’s Guide to Solving it in Time – Key Statistics, A Critical Goal, What Works and What Won’t. Acknowledged by the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International and Environmental Affairs as “The best summary of climate change I’ve ever seen”. Book ordered by the graduate school at the University of Michigan. Designed in “plain-English” to be clearly understandable to diverse constituencies. 33 pages and 35 pages of endnotes  2006

REGULATORY FILING –  FERC Regulatory Filing – Motion to Intervene. United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Alliant EL95-143. September 2005.
Filed a motion contesting a utility’s claim to a right to avoid purchasing power from wind energy facilities 2005

REGULATORY FILING – FERC Filing – Motion to Intervene. United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Swecker v. Midland EL05-92. April 2005.  Filed a motion contesting a utility’s refusal to support wind energy development  2005

REPORT – The Projected Impacts of Global Warming on North Dakota – contingency Planning Warranted. 5 pages text, 5 pages endnotes  2005

REPORT –  Proven Avenues for Significant Wind Energy Development–Nobody Ever Got BIG Thinking Small. Three proven avenues to dramatically increase wind energy production in North Dakota. 5 pages plus 2 pages of endnotes  2005

PUBLISHED EDITORIAL – Pulitzer Prize winning Grand Forks Herald – Role of Basin Electric and Others in Thwarting Large-Scale Wind Energy Development in the Midwest 2004

REPORT – The Role of Basin Electric, the EERC and the Rural Electric Cooperatives in Thwarting Large-Scale Wind Energy Development in North Dakota. Investigative report resulting from the research of a team from the University of North Dakota detailing the work of major coal-based electricity interests to thwart development of large-scale wind energy. Submitted a proposal to ensure both industries prosper and all of the state’s citizens benefit from enormous potential resources. 9 pages plus 8 pages of endnotes 2004

SUMMARY REPORT –  Coal Power Plants Admit to Emitting More Than 60 Human Poisons. Summary report of the new statistics provided by coal power plants acknowledging the true extent of their emissions of over 60 known human poisons. North Dakota statistics were provided. 2 pages  2004

SUMMARY REPORT – The Adverse Public Health Impacts of Coal Power Plants.
Summary report of the significant adverse public health impacts of coal power plants. 2 pages 2004

REPORT – Developing Very Large-Scale Wind Energy in North Dakota. Provided critical new information necessary to develop large-scale wind energy in North
Dakota. 5 pages plus 6 pages of endnotes 2004

REPORT – Projected Climate Change Impacts on North Dakota. Identifies key sectors of North Dakota likely to be significantly impacted by global warming.
4 pages 2003

REPORT – Proposal to the State of Washington requiring new natural gas power plants to offset 100% of their greenhouse gas emissions  2002

OP-ED – Seattle Times. Global warming and urging the mandatory mitigation of greenhouse gases 2002

LEGISLATION – Submitted to the Washington State Legislature – three of which were enacted:

Mandatory Mitigation by New Fossil Fuel Power Plants
Creation of State Climate Change Center
Aggregated Purchasing of Clean Electricity and Vehicles
“HOV” lanes into “Green” lanes
Sales Tax Exemption for High Mileage Vehicles
Comprehensive Climate Change Bill

LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Seattle Post-Intelligencer submitted from 1997 landmark international global warming conference in Kyoto Japan

Numerous other articles and opinion pieces published in various newspapers 1999-2001

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