Let’s have this be THE LAST YEAR of the OLD AMERICAN POLITICAL PROCESS where two major, highly partisan, self-serving and intentionally divisive political parties dominate our American democratic process. We Americans are among the most fair-minded, generous and technologically advanced people in the history of the world. We Americans are much stronger—and the entire world is encouraged–when we Americans work together, align on what’s really important and make sure our government alw... read more

When the game’s not working, you don’t change the PLAYERS. You change the RULES. In our political process, REGARDLESS OF WHO IS PRESIDENT, when Congress won’t address the concerns of a majority of the people: Lack of honesty in policymaking Getting the money out of politics Term limits for members of Congress Balanced federal budget Greenhouse gas reductions THE ONLY OPTION (short of revolution), is to Hold our own convention, and Submit constitutional amendments for approval by 75% of ... read more

Bernie fans!  If you love Bernie, you’ll love The People’s Convention. That’s because Bernie is going to need a constitutional amendment or two (campaign finance, Wall Street) And that’s what we do! Please (1) Forward this communication to all your other Bernie fans—and anyone on Bernie’s staff, and (2) Become a SUPPORTER of The People’s Convention! It’s FREE and it makes a BIG difference. Thank you! Blair Henry JD Founder & Executive Director www.ThePeoples... read more

Sa 4/16/16 I just passed another major milestone . . .I knew more people at my physical therapist appointment (nothing serious)–than I knew at my regular coffee shop! Aaargh. SO CONSIDER THIS A REMINDER . . . If you REALLY want to make a BIGGER difference before you go, it’s time to get going, and The Peoples Convention is a terrific opportunity to do so. Make a HUGE difference strengthening the democratic process for everyone around the world. What would you do? Jump in. Participate. ... read more

pdf version Mo 4/11/16 Hi Everyone! The vast majority of the grunt work—legal research, workshops and surveys—to upgrade our democratic process has been completed. Now IT’S TIME TO ACT! This is your invitation to work with me in doing so. Here’s The Plan of Action 2016 in a nutshell Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1: Workshop and survey participants indicated the following proposed constitutional amendment would make the single BIGGEST difference: No. 1 Campaign finance reform – ... read more

Remember being told that we Americans lived in a democracy and that meant WE THE PEOPLE were in charge? So what happened? Well, we’ve all forgotten that if we don’t like the way our political process is going, it’s up to WE THE PEOPLE to change the rulebook (our U.S. Constitution)—and we’re here to help you with that. That’s what we do. We’re The People’s Convention. We’re a neutral, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and we’re using modern technology to give every American ... read more

Th 3/31/16 The KISS of Democracy & Here’s What Will Make the BIGGEST Difference 1. The goal of The People’s Convention is to Provide every American with the opportunity to participate in strengthening their democratic process, and Make the BIGGEST difference in the SHORTEST time with the LEAST effort 2. To accomplish this, the first question in our surveys and workshops has been: “What do you think would make the BIGGEST difference in upgrading and strengthening, or restoring your trus... read more

Sa 3/26/16 Hi Everyone! It’s been quite a while since you’ve heard from me. Here’s an update on what’s been happening. 1. Workshops – Approximately twenty workshops (mini-conventions) have been held—and I’ve learned a ton. BTW, if you’d like to have workshop, give me a buzz and we’ll see what we can do. 2. Lessons Learned – Thank god for my training by Landmark Education. It’s been remarkably easy (1) Bringing Americans together respectfully from across the political spectr... read more

Next Steps 5/10/15 – Some exciting things are coming down the road. (1) You may click here to receive your 50% discount on “Your Passport to a GREAT Democracy” – $10.  You’ll like it! (2) Since some will not be able to attend a workshop or a convention, I’ll begin sharing key information from our workshops here.   (3) We expect our federal IRC 501(c)(3) tax exempt status to be approved shortly—and then we’ll begin seeking financial pledges to underwrite our ... read more

Some of our readers felt our previous logo made us look like a right wing organization—when in fact— The People’s Convention is strictly neutral, non-partisan and includes every American equally from across the political spectrum. We’re committed to fairness, honesty and respect in our American political process and we hope our new logo is more reflective of that! And don’t forget to buy our new booklet! There’s no such thing as a “GREAT democracy” in the world today. This is you... read more