Meeting with the Neighbors: The Sedona Tea Party The purpose of We the People is to call forth a remarkable revolution in this nation—not through violence and divisiveness—but rather through Bringing Americans together from all political persuasions Honoring and respecting one another, and Aligning on proposals the vast majority of Americans (67-75%) agree would upgrade and strengthen our democracy—consistent with the principles of Fairness, Honesty, Respect and The Common Good. After... read more

Co-Founder Loren Miner recently submitted a Good Idea suggesting we upgrade our federal government toward the truest form of democracy—the “direct” democracy. That’s where We the People vote directly on the issues that are important to us. I believe this suggestion has considerable merit for two reasons. First, when our country began over 200 years ago, from a practical point of view it was difficult to establish a “direct” democracy because you couldn’t quickly • Get everyone to... read more

27 June 2011, www.WeThePeople.FutureNetwork.TV Thank you everyone! We launched We the People a little over a week ago. The first 40 readers have signed up as Co-Founders, the good ideas are coming in and comments are being posted! I expect the name of each Co-Founder to eventually appear right up there next to John Hancock. So if you’d like to join them, go to www.WeThePeople.FutureNetwork.TV and get on our mailing list. Here’s what’s next. First, I’ll begin posting new information on th... read more

Are you concerned about the future of our American democracy? Would you like to upgrade our nation consistent with the core values of Honesty, Equality, Justice, Dignity and The Common Good? Did you know that we everyday Americans have the Constitutional right and duty to bypass Congress and the special interests and upgrade the democracy ourselves? We’re We the People—a new proposed television experiment by FutureNetwork.TV designed to serve and support everyday Americans in Bringing togeth... read more