Corporate reform is among the Top 6 reforms our workshop participants and online voters believe would make the biggest difference in CR1-Corporate Reformrestoring their trust and confidence in our American political process.

Polls also indicate most Americans believe corporations have too much power and should not be entitled to the same constitutional rights as human beings. What do you think?

Our nation is also based on personal liberty—which includes being responsible for one’s actions—and yet a corporation’s primary purpose today is simply: (1) to protect its owners and managers from being responsible for injuries caused to others and (2) to obtain favorable tax advantages not available to others. Do you think this strengthens or weakens the community as a whole?

Please VOTE on the following SAMPLE proposed amendment to the constitution – and send us other similar proposals you are aware of and we’ll post them for voting.

CR1 – No artificial, non-human entity such as a corporation or trust shall be (1) considered a person or individual (2) entitled to constitutional rights (3) allowed to provide support for or against a political cause or candidate, or (4) allowed to protect any human being from liability incurred as a result of injuring another.

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    • Pat Taylor

      I cannot support this as currently worded due to point 4. Lawsuits typically lay down a wide blanket to capture deep pockets. That means everyone: CEO, CFO, and everyone on the board would get sued every time someone was injured by a product. Those individuals may not have known of a problem, or may have voted against the defective product & been outvoted. They would still have to defend themselves in court at great expense. Individuals should be held culpable when they intentionally cover up dangerous defects.
      The best way to stop the corporate problems is to change the law that REQUIRES corporations to be beholden to their shareholders first, even before their mission statements. Take away the need for bloated profits and cutting corners will be reduced.


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