Please Support and Contribute to Our Neutral, Nonpartisan, Town Hall Meetings

Bringing the American people together—fairly, honestly and respectfully—is where democracy happens.

Some folks SPEND BILLIONS every year to undermine our democratic process.

So where are the millions of Americans willing to INVEST A LITTLE in upgrading and strengthening our democratic process—not only for ourselves—but for our kids, grandkids and millions of future Americans?

Local and statewide town hall meetings only cost about $19,000.
Our nation’s first, neutral, and nonpartisan national town hall meeting is estimated to cost about $700,000.

Note: That’s less than one half of 1% of the $136 MILLION we paid as taxpayers for the two major party conventions in 2012. How much benefit did YOU get out of those?

What are you willing to INVEST?
WE PROMISE to make sure the process remains completely open, honest, fair, respectful and effective.

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