Get ready to grab your wallet! There’s going to be a shakedown!BE83-GetReady-rectangle

You didn’t think Janet Bell and I were going finance The People’s Convention all by ourselves forever did you?

Let’s raise the money necessary to hold our nation’s first modern nonpartisan convention bringing Americans together to strengthen our democratic process.

Don’t buy those new shoes for kids so you’ll be ready to chip in $100 or $200 or whatever you can as we raise the first $100,000 of the $600,000 necessary to hold the first major convention later this year.

Our workshops results have been terrific and you’re going to be really glad you supported this.

In the meantime, what do you think could become possible if . . .

  • You had the right to complete to honesty in all matters of politics?

  • Everyone had an equal and fair opportunity to be heard?

  • Wealth no longer dominated the political process

This is all certainly possible.

Gifts will be available for contributors and preference will be provided in attending the event.

Thank you!!


Blair Henry

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