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Hi Everyone!
Here’s the shakedown I promised!

The Good

  • We’ve learned a ton in our mini-conventions generously attended by over 450 residents of Sedona Arizona from across the political spectrum and designed “The Sedona Amendments”

  • We’ve identified a legal avenue providing the people with their first immediate opportunity to hold their own convention and align on proposals to restore their trust and confidence in the democratic process

The Bad

  • I’ve done a lousy job of raising funds. I’ve spent over $200K of my own money and at the age of 63, I am going to have to take the bar exam again and practice law if sufficient funding is not obtained over the next month. NOTE: This should be especially attractive to those of you that believe there are already enough attorneys running around.

The Ugly

  • Finally, we all know that I have done a gawd-awful job of promoting and securing support for The People’s Convention. They didn’t teach marketing in law school—and I REALLY need some help! 

So Here’s The Bottom Line
IF restoring trust and confidence in your American democratic process appeals to you and/or you want The People’s Convention working full-time on it, I request you step forward now and demonstrate your support by joining the team and

    1. Contributing whatever you can–$5, $10, $20 a month (and I’ll even give you a title, hat or T-shirt or something)
    2. Participating on The Advisory Board (weekly, one-hour conference call)
    3. Volunteering to market the convention, support the state legislators and conduct online research 

Until persuaded otherwise, the NEXT STEPS are

  • Introduce and announce “The Sedona Amendments” (the results of the Sedona mini-conventions)

  • Secure an initial sponsor in each state legislature

  • Focus on the “millennials” (the one-third of the voting age Americans under the age of 35)

Any other suggestions?

Thank you and please accept this invitation to support The People’s Convention!!

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  • Blair Henry, Executive Director

Blair Henry

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