Hosting a Constitutional Summit

Local, state or regional Constitutional Summits are at the heart of our work.

Your choosing to host a neutral, nonpartisan, Constitutional Summit makes an enormous contribution to your community by:

• Bringing your community together respectfully from across the political spectrum
Fairly, honestly, and thoughtfully agreeing on what’s needed
Providing the solution, and
Sharing your experience with others around the nation

Out of attending a Summit, we promise you will

Develop a new and profoundly powerful relationship with the political process
Develop an exciting and refreshing new view of the people in your community
Develop the abilities to design—and implement—powerful new futures for everyone


A successful Constitutional Summit generally consists of a local Host Team of Co-sponsors from across the political spectrum that

1. Promotes the 5-6 hour event
2. Secures a location (typically up to 300 people, projection equipment, screens, microphones, speakers)
3. Aligns on a date with ThePeople’
4. Attempts to secure participation from across the political spectrum (national average: 27% self-described as typically leaning LEFT politically, 35% typically leaning MIDDLE politically, and 37% typically leaning RIGHT politically). A second summit may be scheduled if various groups are not sufficiently represented
5. Determines and collects the ticket price, if any. If possible, attempt to provide scholarships to the 15% deemed low income.
6. Secures 2-4 videographers
7. Contracts with the facilitator. Our cost for a one day event is $4900. Nonrefundable deposit of $2500. Final payment due due two weeks prior to the event. (Average of $20/person with 245 paid participants.)

The provides a professional facilitator that designs and facilitates a neutral, nonpartisan, 5-6 hour Constitutional Summit consisting of

1. An Introduction, Purpose and Ground Rules
2. Identifying and prioritizing what the participants believe would restore their trust and confidence in the American democratic process
3. Discussion of the democratic and constitutional amendment process
4. Participants draft their own proposed proposals and align on those likely to be approved by over 75% of Americans from across the political spectrum
5. Teams are created and initial plans are made to one or more proposals approved at the state or national level, or both
6. then remains available to assist and support those teams and serve as a mutually available clearinghouse of related activities in other states.

For more information, contact Blair Henry JD, Executive Director

Successful constitutional amendments typically require a high degree of support from across the political spectrum and a national, January 2016, Gallup Poll indicates

• 27% of Americans say they typically lean LEFT politically
• 35% typically lean MIDDLE politically, and
• 37% typically lean RIGHT politically SPECTRUM

Typical Co-sponsors may include . .
American Association of University Women
American Civil Liberties Union
City/County Councils
Colleges, Universities, Law Schools
Common Cause
Democratic Party
Elks Clubs
Faith based communities – churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.
Indivisible Guide
League of Women Voters
Lions Clubs www.front/
No Labels
Republican Party
Rotary Club
State Legislators
Tea Party
Women’s March


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