Hosting a Convention 

Your hosting a local, state or regional convention is your opportunity to make an enormous difference to your community by:

• Bringing your community together respectfully from across the political spectrum
Fairly, honestly, and thoughtfully agreeing on what’s needed
Providing the solution, and
Sharing your experience with others

We promise you will

Develop a new and profoundly powerful relationship with the political process
Develop an exciting and refreshing new view of the people in your community
Develop the abilities to design—and implement—powerful new futures for everyone

A 6-hour summit typically consists of up to three hundred participants fairly balanced across the political spectrum, includes five videographers, a sound engineer, a video editor, and an electronic voting system and six all day volunteers. A meal or snack may or may not be included as the discretion of the host. If provides it all, the cost is $25,000.

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