Over six years ago, long before the recent presidential election, began designing and successfully testing a modern, neutral and nonpartisan, convention process

BRINGING AMERICANS TOGETHER respectfully from across the political spectrum
THEY AGREE on what THEY SAY would restore their trust and confidence in the democratic process
THEY DRAFT constitutional amendments likely to be approved by over 70% of Americans

The results of the twenty workshops including over 450 residents of Sedona Arizona, fairly balanced across the political spectrum, are combined here into the results of The People’s Convention 2016. The political demographics of the participants closely resembled the national average:  27% of Americans polled said they typically lean LEFT politically, 35% said they typically lean toward the MIDDLE politically, and 37% said they typically lean RIGHT politically (Gallup poll Jan 2016).

1. Participants were asked

What do YOU think would make the BIGGEST difference in restoring your trust and confidence in the American democratic process?

2. They prioritized the topics

3. Then they agreed there was little or NO chance of any reform being approved as long as we Americans continued to tolerate dishonesty and deception in our political process. So, they added one more topic, Honesty in Politics, and moved it to the top of the list. Here are their Top 5 topics:

a. Establishing the right to complete honesty in the political process
b. Eliminating the influence of private wealth on the political process
c. Term limits for members of Congress (and likely the Supreme Court)
d. Increasing the ethical standards for government and political candidates
e. Balance the federal budget (see more)

4. Then they drafted their own constitutional amendments and had them approved by over 75% of the participants. Two of the topics, term limits and a balanced budget amendment, are already being addressed by a number of organizations via the Article V process. So we have not addressed them here at this time.

The remaining three proposed amendments are known here as The Sedona Amendments and they are a gift from the fine and generous citizens of Sedona Arizona. They provide

1. The right to complete honesty in all matters of public policy

2. The right to a political process free from the influence of private wealth

3. The right to the highest ethical standards in government

You can read the full text of The Sedona Amendments here and we ask that you Vote & Comment on them here.

Thank you!!

(rev 19Apr17)