The first voting results through March 18, 2013 are in!
Thanks to those of you who voted!

1. 100% of voters support the current sample proposed constitutional amendments on
Campaign Finance Reform
Term LimitsCongress and The Supreme Court
Ethical Standards for Public Policymakers 

2. 88% of voters support the sample proposals on
Balanced Budget-Fiscal Responsibility
Climate Change 

3. To Be Fair

  • This does not represent very many voters
  • There are more voters that self-identify as politically leaning left than right
  • Most voters are age 55 or older 

4. What We Need Now

  • Many more voters – please pass this on
  • More voters under the age of 55
  • More voters that self-identify as leaning right politically

Vote Now! 

Thank you!!BCH-photo-square


Blair C. Henry J.D.
Executive Director                                                              



    • Don Kirchner

      Where are the “Top 5 Issues”? I only see the March 18 voting results above. And what, exactly, do you want us to “pass along” (to younger and right-leaning voters)…this page or the link to the website?

      • Blair Henry

        The polls appear to indicate that over 70% of Americans want the Congress to act on the following five issues (and there may be more): Campaign Finance, Term Limits, Balanced Budget, Climate Change and Raising the Ethical Standards for Policymakers. New materials are being created now for our various audiences: young people, left wing, middle wing and right wing, etc. Please refer people to the website. Thank you!


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