Trust and confidence in the American democratic process is now at, or near, an all-time low.

Democracies fail when they lose the trust and confidence of the people.

America now ranks 21st in the world in terms of actually being democratic.


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Of the Americans polled

93% believe members of Congress accept bribes

78% are dissatisfied with the nation’s political system

65% don’t trust members of Congress to tell the truth


Congress ignores over 70% of Americans that want

Money out of politics

Affordable healthcare

Ethics in govt

Balanced budget

Action on climate change

Term limits for Congress


Our nation’s founders expected there would be times like this and they gave us the right to


COME TOGETHER respectfully from across the political spectrum

AGREE on what would upgrade and strengthen our political process, and

DRAFT proposals likely to be approved as legislation or constitutional amendment

So let’s do it!

We are

We are a neutral, nonpartisan, nonprofit convention organizer.

We know the vast majority of Americans are fair-minded, honest, and perfectly capable of coming together and resolving community issues democratically.


We have designed and tested a neutral, nonpartisan convention process that

Accomplishes that

Produces terrific results

And, most importantly, has been endorsed by participants from across the political spectrum as fair, honest and respectful



CONTRIBUTE whatever you can 

TELL others

HOST a workshop

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This is your opportunity to make an enormous difference in the quality of life–not only for yourself, your children and your grandchildren–but the entire world.

Thank you!!