Bringing Americans together
from across the political spectrum
Agreeing on what would strengthen
our democratic process
Drafting constitutional amendments
likely to be approved

Trust and confidence in the American
democratic process is at or near an all-time low

Democracies fail when they lose
the trust and confidence of the people

Most Americans don’t know what they can do

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Of the Americans polled

93% believe members of Congress accept bribes

78% are dissatisfied with our political process

65% don’t trust members of Congress to tell the truth


Congress ignores the concerns
of over 70% of Americans

Money out of politics
Affordable healthcare

Ethics in government
Balanced budget
Effective action on climate change
Term limits for Members of Congress


Our neutral, nonpartisan workshops

Accomplish that

Produce terrific results

Have been endorsed by participants from across the political spectrum as fair, honest and respectful

Our nation’s founders gave us the right to


COME TOGETHER from across the political spectrum

AGREE on what would strengthen our political process, and

DRAFT proposals likely to be approved as constitutional amendments

So let’s do it!

HOST a workshop in your area

SUPPORT one or more of the proposals under development

SUPPORT our nation’s first

Young American’s Constitutional Convention 

This is your opportunity to make an enormous difference.

Thank you!!