14 Feb 18

Hi Everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day and welcome back to ThePeoplesConvention.org.

After another year of research and testing we are back online–bigger, better and stronger than ever. And—after that last election—what a difference a year makes!

Our 2018 Booklet “ThePeoplesConvention.org” was just published and is being sent to key influentials around the nation whose support and endorsement would make an enormous difference.

If this work of upgrading our American democratic process in a fair, honest and non-partisan way appeals to you, I ask that you go online to https://thepeoplesconvention.org/getinvolved/ and become a Member of ThePeoplesConvention.org for $25.

You will receive a free copy of the new booklet, be listed on our new, upcoming Democracy Hall of Fame webpage, and help pay off the $1950 for the booklets.

Thank you and stay tuned!

2018 is the Year of ThePeoeoeplesConvention.org

Blair Henry
Founder & Executive Director