Some key background facts:

1. Every democracy in the history of the world has failed when it lost the trust and confidence of the people.

2. Trust and confidence in the American democratic process is at or near an all-time low.

3. America now ranks twenty-first (21st) in the world in terms of actually being democratic.

4. The American people have always had the right to step in and upgrade their democratic process by amending their constitution.

And, in our experience, despite what you see on television, the vast majority of Americans—about 4 out of 5—are fair, honest, and perfectly capable of coming together and resolving community issues.

So, after 230 years, isn’t it time we Americans came together, reviewed the state of our democratic process, and upgraded it where the vast majority believe it necessary?

ThePeoplesConvention.org provides the American people with the opportunity to fairly, honestly and respectfully, come together and upgrade their democratic process themselves.

Participation is fairly balanced by political inclination, gender, age, above/below the poverty line, and most importantly,is free from the influence of special interests.

Our conventions are neutral, nonpartisan, available online and in-person, and consist of four steps:

1. BRINGING AMERICANS TOGETHER respectfully from across the political spectrum

2. THEY AGREE on what THEY SAY would make the BIGGEST difference in upgrading our democratic process.

3. THEY DRAFT a maximum of one to three widely popular, and powerfully simple, amendments to their state or national constitution.

4. WE SUPPORT THEM in choosing the best avenue and creating teams to secure approval in their state.

We invite you to support and participate in ThePeoplesConvention.org and assist us in making sure it remains as fair, honest, effective, and respectful as possible.

For those familiar with the Article V (five) constitutional amendment process in the U.S. Constitution, please note ThePeoplesConvention.org is NOT a convention held pursuant to Article V. ThePeoplesConvention.org is called by the people themselves–NOT the state legislators, FREE from the influence of special interests, pursuant to the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Please note ThePeoplesConvention.org is NOT for

  • Brawling. ThePeoplesConvention.org requires respect, listening and the willingness to cooperate.

  • Fringe or unduly partisan proposals. The goal is to identify proposals that will be approved by the vast majority of Americans (think 75%) from across the political spectrum.

  • Special interests. This will focus on what the American people as a whole believe is best for the American community as a whole. Special interests include those with a precise predetermined agenda to benefit a specific subclass within the community.

  • Authoritarians. Authoritarians are those that prefer a government dominated by an elite, privileged, few. ThePeoplesConvention.org is for those that prefer a democratic, rule by the many, form of government.

  • Article V Proponents. A convention under “Article V” of the U.S. Constitution is typically dominated by state legislators with little or no input from the general public. ThePeoplesConvention.org is designed by the people themselves pursuant to the newer, First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.