Th 3/31/16

The KISS of Democracy
& Here’s What Will Make the BIGGEST Difference

1. The goal of The People’s Convention is to

  • Provide every American with the opportunity to participate in strengthening their democratic process, and

  • Make the BIGGEST difference in the SHORTEST time with the LEAST effort

2. To accomplish this, the first question in our surveys and workshops has been:

“What do you think would make the BIGGEST difference in upgrading and strengthening, or restoring your trust and confidence in, the America democratic process?

The No. 1 answer from participants across the political spectrum has been getting the influence of money out of the political process.

3. When asked to draft a proposed constitutional amendment that was concise, addressed the heart of the matter, and would be supported by over 75% of Americans—here’s what they came up with: 

Campaign Finance Amendment
All public elections and campaigns shall be financed exclusively, fairly and equally by the public treasury and no one shall attempt to use private resources to influence an election. (29 words)

4. Please send me (1) your suggestions for strengthening this proposal or making it more concise, and/or (2) any other proposed constitutional amendments that would eliminate the influence of private resources on elections

Finally, don’t let anyone tell you that just 29 words or less can’t change the future of the world.
Your right to the freedom of speech is contained in just 10 words—and that changed the world.
Your right to a free press is contained in just 11 words—and that changed the world.
And your right to freedom of religion is contained in just 16 words—and that changed the world.

Just imagine what we can do to dramatically strengthen our democratic process with just a few words in the right places.

Thank you!!

Blair Henry, Executive Director