Hi Everyone!

Here’s an important update on our role as organizers of The People’s Convention.

First, as the organizers, our role is to remain fair, neutral and non-partisan and:

1. Organize the nation’s first national non-partisan political convention—under Article V of the U.S. Constitution
2. Provide everyday, common-sense Americans with the opportunity to come together in a fair, honest and respectful process, and
3. Explore and implement proposals to upgrade and strengthen the American democracy themselves.

Second, as the organizers, we will not submit our own proposed amendments to the constitution nor will we show favoritism toward any proposal, person or group.

We will however
Provide an effective avenue for others to be heard and submit their own proposals
Assist others upon request in making their proposals as attractive as possible, and
Occasionally submit recommendations to facilitate the process.

Third, as a result, the three proposals previously posted by us on the website have been correctly reformatted as recommendations rather than proposals.

Finally, we trust our recommendations and this clarification will prove helpful and we look forward to you submitting your proposals to upgrade and strengthen our American democracy.

Thank you!!

Blair C. Henry JD, Executive Director
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