Hello Everyone!

My name is Blair Henry.

I am a former corporate and prosecuting attorney, mediator, university professor, delegate to both Republican and Democratic state conventions AND I conduct workshops of strengthening the democratic process.

Trust and confidence in our American democratic process is now at or near and all-time low. That’s important because democracies/republics fail when they lose the trust and confidence of the people. And most Americans don’t know what they can do about it .

So, this is the FIRST IN A SERIES OF IMPORTANT MESSAGES for those that are

(1) INTERESTED in upgrading and strengthening the American democratic process, AND

(2) COMING TOGETHER respectfully with other Americans from across the political spectrum to accomplish that.

We want to hear from you!!

Tell us what you think would make the biggest difference in restoring trust and confidence in our American democratic process. Reply below.

Finally, if this is for you, YOU ARE INVITED to participate in ThePeoplesConvention.org by

1. HOSTING a strictly neutral and nonpartisan constitutional workshop in your area
2. SUPPORTING one or more proposals under development
3. SUPPORTING our newly developing Young American’s Constitutional Convention

Go to https://ThePeoplesConvention.org
The-Less-Than-Two-Minute-Video https://youtu.be/MwqvoFgL01M

Thank you!!
Blair Henry, Executive Director