Enhanced ethics in government has been among the Top 3 things our workshop participants said would make the biggest difference in restoring their trust and confidence in our democratic process.

Of the Americans polled:

  • 81% believe Members of Congress accept bribes from lobbyists
  • 65% don’t believe Members of Congress tell the truth, and
  • 66% believe Members of Congress are disloyal to their constituents by favoring special interests

Americans want to know their government is honest, fair and transparent.  VOTE of the SAMPLE proposed amendment as part of our citizen-drafting process.

EG1 – Those in government serve as trustees of the public trust and shall honor the highest ethical standards of fiduciary conduct.

If you do NOT support the proposal, but you do support enhanced ethics in government, tell us in the survey what it would take to make the proposal acceptable to you.

Already made up your mind? Vote now here.

Uncertain? See the Supporting Facts and FAQs—and vote there.

Have ideas for an amendment or have seen proposed amendments addressing ethics in government. We aer interested. Send it our way!

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