Front Page NYTimes – Convention to Amend the Constitution

I recommend the terrific New York Times front page article by Michael Wines yesterday on the mostly right wing, highly partisan wing efforts to hold a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution. See links below. 

PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER that the work of The People’s Convention is DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT from the work of those organizations.

The primary difference is that (1) Each of the other efforts relies exclusively on the never-before-successful, “Article V (five) amendment process” and (2) They focus exclusively on what state legislators want–rather than asking the American people what they want.

The People’s Convention relies primarily on (1) The rights granted under the First Amendment (2) Is neutral and nonpartisan and (3) Focuses exclusively on what the American people themselves say will make the biggest difference in restoring their trust and confidence in the democratic process.

Then each year, a single proposed amendment will be forwarded to the state legislatures for approval as an amendment to both their state and federal constitution. Amending the state constitution allows the people of that state to enjoy the benefits of the amendment without having to wait for 37 other states to approve the amendment to the federal constitution.

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