Hi Everyone!!

First, I’m thrilled to announce our team at The People’s Convention is growing!!

The recent generous assistance and contribution of
• Dave Strait of Pennsylvania (formerly Minneapolis-St. Paul)
Kimberly Easson of Washington DC, and
Loren Miner of Los Angeles
moves The People’s Convention forward dramatically as we work to support everyday Americans in coming together in a convention to explore proposals  to restore their trust and confidence in the American democratic process.


Second, we’ve also included on our website an updated One-Page Overview of our work—which we trust will be helpful as you explain our work to others.

Finally, we’ll be seeking your assistance shortly as we gear up to “go public nationally”.
We’ll be looking for:
• Assistance in managing our social media system
• Assistance in securing influential endorsements and funding
• Assistance with public relations.

More on that later . . .
Thank you!!
Blair C. Henry JD, Executive Director

You can view and copy this document in the Library at The People’s Convention at http://thepeoplesconvention.org/library.