1. We’re paving the way for the nation’s first People’s Convention giving every American an equal and fair opportunity to step in, be heard, and upgrade and strengthen their democracy as they see fit.

2. We’re eliminating the obstacles to every American exercising their constitutional right to bypass Congress and hold their own convention under Article V of the Constitution to propose, explore and discuss proposals to upgrade and strengthen their democracy themselves–as early as this summer!!.

3. We’re establishing a convention process that’s fair, open, honest, respectful, democratic and highly effective.

4. We’re supporting others in creating proposals that are most likely to bring the vast majority of Americans together—rather than divide them—because that’s what’s required to upgrade our Constitution.

5. We’re supporting the ratification of highly popular proposals—and have them implemented within a year!

For more info, see our Frequently Asked Questions (pdf file).  Lots of good stuff there. If you have questions we haven’t answered satisfactorily, let me know and I’ll get right on it!

Thank you!

Blair Henry
Founder & Executive Director
The People’s Convention LLC