If you’re a Hillary fan, SHE’S RIGHT!

We really do need to come together to realize the American dream.
And we’re going to need a respectful nonpartisan convention to accomplish that.

We’re The People’s Convention. We’re a modern convention that

• Bypasses Congress
• Brings Americans together from across the political spectrum
• Aligns on what would make the biggest difference, and
• Agrees on constitutional amendments likely to be approved by the required 75% of the state legislatures

We’ve worked with a lot of Hillary fans. We know the vast majority want the HONESTY IN and the MONEY OUT of our political process. We know most want a SPIN-FREE MEDIA and an ETHICAL GOVERNMENT.

We’ve also worked with a lot of Bernie and Donald fans–and most of them want that too!

Let’s bring We the People get together and make those things happen.
Let’s not waste time focusing on what we DISAGREE on.
Let’s focus on what we Americans AGREE on.
And let’s make something REALLY BIG happen!

Support The People’s Convention right now and we can still have modern, online and in-person national convention later this year.

Help us raise the first $100,000 of the $600,000 necessary for the first in-person convention and we’ll be ready to hold it in as little as three months. Really. No kidding.