Just the idea of upgrading and amending the Constitution can some people the creeps. So it’s preferable, and certainly more efficient, to propose as few elegant upgrades—and have them address as many of the fundamental concerns as possible.

So the question is: If YOU could only propose one thing to upgrade the American democracy, what do YOU think would make the BIGGEST difference?

Some people can pop out an idea pretty quickly. Most people need to think about it a while—and that’s good—because thinkers are good!

Here’s some information you might find valuable as you explore this:

General Proposals
1. The vast majority of Americans already want the money out of politics.
2. The vast majority of Americans already want mandatory term limits for elected officials.
3. The vast majority of Americans already want a balanced federal budget.

After that, here are some of the leading concerns of the vast majority of Americans:

1. Lack of Honesty
• 90% of American voters think they were subjected to false or misleading campaign advertising (2010).
• 81% of Americans believe lobbyists bribe members of Congress.
• 65% of Americans believe they cannot trust members of Congress to tell the truth.

2. Lack of Fairness-Equality-Justice
• 87% of Americans believe officials in Washington DC are heavily influenced by special interests.
• 69% of Americans think it should be illegal for super PACS to operate and spend money on candidates.
• 66% of Americans believe members of Congress give priority to special interests before their own constituents (66%)

3. Lack of Trust in the Government
• 86% of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing.
• 85% of Americans think it’s better for the country if the elected officials compromised in order to get things done.
• 78% of Americans are dissatisfied with the nation’s political system.
• 71% believe the country’s political system has become weaker and government policies have become less stable, less effective and less predictable

4. Lack of Trust in the Media
• 70% of Americans believe the media is out of touch with average Americans.
• 60% of Americans don’t believe the debate in Washington and the media represents the concerns they are interested in.
• 57% of Americans have little or no trust the mass media reports the news fully, fairly and accurately.