Sa 3/26/16

Hi Everyone!

It’s been quite a while since you’ve heard from me.
Here’s an update on what’s been happening.

1. Workshops – Approximately twenty workshops (mini-conventions) have been held—and I’ve learned a ton. BTW, if you’d like to have workshop, give me a buzz and we’ll see what we can do.

2. Lessons Learned – Thank god for my training by Landmark Education. It’s been remarkably easy (1) Bringing Americans together respectfully from across the political spectrum (b) Having them align on what they believe would make the BIGGEST difference in strengthening the democratic process, and (c) Having them draft and align upon constitutional amendments that address their concerns and appear likely to be supported by the required 75% of the state legislatures.

3. The Most Important Lesson Learned“Democracy was NEVER mean to be complicated. And if it is, it’s been undermined.” So I created The KISS of Democracy (The Keep It Simple School of Democracy) and it’s amazing how quickly, and how much stronger, a democracy can become when we require information be complete, honest, accurate and intelligible (CHAI). After all, how democratic can it be, if people can’t understand it?

4. Where I Need Your Help – It’s now time to get the word out, get this into the presidential race, and turn this possibility into a national conversation—and I’m requesting your support as follows:

  • If you haven’t already, please go online, prioritize what you think will make the BIGGEST difference, identify the proposals you believe most likely to be approved by the required 75% of the state legislatures. I encourage your constructive suggestions and request you provide any other related proposals out there.

  • Join a team—We need someone (hopefully experienced) to take on press releases and beginning this summer we’ll need volunteers in every state to take on the proposal(s) of their choice and secure the support of their state legislators. I’ll provide support and training.

  • Spread the word wide and far—and invite everyone to participate

5. Here’s What I’ll Do – I’ll seek some potentially very powerful by asking

  • Wikipedia to endorse and partner with The Peoples Convention by making complete, honest, accurate and intelligible information on matters of public policy (CHAI) available online and provide viewers with the opportunity to vote on specific proposals to strengthen the democratic process.

  • Google and others to endorse and partner with The People’s Convention by providing our nation with an absolutely reliable, fair and honest, national online voting system so we can hear from nearly every American on any specific concern within 72 hours.

After all, isn’t this what a modern, true democracy designed in 2016 would look like?
“Everyone has an equal and fair opportunity to participate and be heard on decisions affecting the community”

I hope to hear from you. Thanks!

Blair Henry, Executive Director