87% of Americans want term limits for members of Congress.[1]
The President has term limits.[2]
Almost a third of the states have term limits.[3]
And yet Congress continues to ignore the will of the people.

FORTUNATELY, Article V of the Constitution gives the people the right to bypass Congress and explore and implement proposals that are acceptable to 75% of the state legislatures–as amendments to the constitution.

Therefore please review the short, simple, 15 word proposed Term Limits constitutional amendment for Congress (TL1) and then give us your

  • Vote
  • Suggestions
  • Your Own Proposal, and
  • Send this on to everyone else you know who may be interested.

Thank you!

Blair C. Henry J.D. BCH-photo-square
Executive Director

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[1] Fox News Poll
78% of Americans are in favor of establishing term limits for Congress — including their own senators and representatives. This includes 84% of Republicans and 74% of Democrats and Independents. Poll conducted by Opinion Dynamics Corp. Sep 1 – 2. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/09/03/fox-news-poll-percent-favor-term-limits-congress/