Are you concerned about the future of our American democracy?

Would you like to upgrade our nation consistent with the core values of Honesty, Equality, Justice, Dignity and The Common Good?

Did you know that we everyday Americans have the Constitutional right and duty to bypass Congress and the special interests and upgrade the democracy ourselves?

We’re We the Peoplea new proposed television experiment by FutureNetwork.TV designed to serve and support everyday Americans in

  • Bringing together Americans of every political persuasion
  • Bypassing Congress and the political professionals, lobbyists and special interests
  • Hosting a dignified and respectful dialogue on television, online and in town hall meetings
  • Agreeing on proposals to upgrade and strengthen our democracy, and
  • Ensuring those proposals are adopted.


What do you think would make the biggest difference in upgrading our American democracy?

  • Would you take the money out of politics?
  • Would you require the government and the media to tell the whole truth—and in plain English?
  • Would you establish the world’s highest standards of ethical conduct for public policymakers?


Post your ideas to upgrade and strengthen our democracy either on our Good Ideas page or our Submit Proposal page.

Review, comment and vote on the Proposals made by others, and

Make any other recommendations you wish.

And visit our website—and check in on the updates and voting—as often as possible.

As the website becomes more popular and widely known, we’ll secure the support necessary to produce a remarkably effective television program.


This is your invitation to participate in upgrading our American democracy!

Become a Co-Founder of a highly effective, viable and dignified American democracy!  The people’s democracy!

I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say!!
Blair Henry
Co-Founder of We the People
Manager, FutureNetwork.TV