Mo 4/11/16

Hi Everyone!

The vast majority of the grunt work—legal research, workshops and surveys—to upgrade our democratic process has been completed. Now IT’S TIME TO ACT!
This is your invitation to work with me in doing so.

Here’s The Plan of Action 2016 in a nutshell

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1: Workshop and survey participants indicated the following proposed constitutional amendment would make the single BIGGEST difference:

No. 1 Campaign finance reform – CF1a: All public elections and BE74-squarecampaigns shall be financed exclusive, fairly and equally by the public treasury—and no one shall use private resources to influence an election.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 2 – Participants were also convinced a campaign finance proposal would NEVER be successful as long as wealthy interests had the ability to use unlimited funds to mislead and deceive the American people. The participants then aligned on the following proposal which they believed would need to be passed BEFORE a campaign finance proposal would pass:

No. 2 Honesty in Policymaking – HP1a:  Everyone shall have the right to complete honesty on all matters of public policy—and it shall be unlawful to mislead or deceive anyone on a matter of public policy.HP1d

Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 3 – Finally, the participants also agreed that the people needed to have the right to enforce their constitutional rights and deter others from violating those rights. The participants then drafted and aligned upon the following:

No. 3 Enforcement of Rights – RE1 – Violating a person’s rights under this constitution shall be a crime against democracy and any one may bring an action to enforce those rights, and if successful, entitled to reimbursement for all costs and fees incurred.gavel1

Rather than combining the proposals, The Plan of Action 2016 calls for having each proposal introduced and sponsored separately in each house of each state legislature by both parties for the upcoming state legislative session.

This is so (1) if one proposal fails, they don’t all fail and (2) any opposition will need to be very specific about what it is they object to—and why—so changes can be made, if necessary

Fortunately, I have done this kind of work before and it’s much simpler than most people think.


If YOU are willing to work with me on the plan, YOU are invited to participate on a team in your state that will work with your state legislators in supporting passage of one or more of the proposals.

If YOU are interested in exploring this further, please contact me ASAP, at 218-230-4024 or email and we’ll schedule a call to answer your questions. Conference calls consisting of training and coordination of state volunteers will begin shortly.

Thank you!!