If you’re a Larry Lessig fan and you want the money out of politics during your lifetime, you’re going to need a constitutional amendment.

We can help you with that.
That’s what we do.

Support The People’s Convention. We’ve designed a modern convention to

  • Bypass Congress

  • Bring Americans together respectfully from across the political spectrum

  • Align on what would make the biggest difference, and

  • Agree on constitutional amendments likely to be approved by the required 75% of the state legislatures

Our workshops have included Bernie fans, Hillary fans and Donald fans and they have all overwhelmingly agreed that getting the money out of politics would make the BIGGEST difference in strengthening our American democratic process.

They also had NO difficulty in drafting a own constitutional amendment that was approved by at least 75% of the participants.

So let’s focus on what we Americans AGREE on.
And let’s make something REALLY BIG happen!

Support The People’s Convention right now and we can still have modern, online and in-person national convention later this year.

Help us raise the first $100,000 of the $600,000 necessary for the first in-person convention and we’ll be ready to hold it in as little as three months. Really. No kidding.

Thank you!!