Creating The Modern, True Democracy (MTD)™

Experts agree there is no longer ANY agreed upon definition of democracy–and that has caused most of the mischief.

There are now at least 60 different “kinds” of democracy, most of which would be unrecognizable to most Americans.

Over 400 participants in twenty workshops held in Sedona AZ were asked to create a short, clear and simple definition of what they believe a democracy is–or should be.

A “clear” definition refers hereto a definition that pretty much anyone could use to quickly and accurately determine whether something was democratic or not.

They created the following:

“Every person has equal and fair opportunity to participate and be heard
in decisions affecting the community.” 

To distinguish this from the other 60+ “kinds” of democracy, this is now known as a “Modern, True” Democracy™ and we trademarked it so only we could tamper with it.

This may not be all of it. However, it is a VERY powerful beginning and makes it very easy to distinguish whether something is democratic or not.

(last revised 5/21/18)