In managing We the People in upgrading our democratic process, I may occasionally share some observations that I think may be worthwhile.  Here’s Observation #1 – It’s from the world of modern science.

1.  In the early stages of human brain development:

  • Democracy is not natural—i.e. cooperation, interest in community, equality and fairness
  • Law of the Jungle is natural—i.e. biggest, strongest, fastest, cleverest wins and dominates others

2.  However, in the later stages of brain development, democracy, cooperation and virtues become much stronger.

3.  So, while democracy may occur as a nuisance, bother or bad idea—those species that have learned to cooperate are much more capable of adapting to changing circumstances and therefore survive much longer in the long run than those that rely upon Dominance or Superiority. 

Author’s Conclusion:
Democracy may not be as natural or comfortable as Domination or Being Superior—but you’re likely to live longer and more peacefully with Democracy.



Blair Henry. Co-Founder
We the People