Based on our experience, the vast majority of Americans from across the political spectrum AGREE on many more things that what would make the biggest difference in strengthening our American democracy than they disagree on.

For example, our most recent workshop was sponsored by Great Decisions, which is the Sedona, Arizona chapter of the American Foreign Policy Association, and the participants were generally older, more female, and leaned more left politically than the general population.

When asked “What would make the biggest difference in upgrading and strengthening, or restoring your trust and confidence in, our American democracy?”, the most immediate and popular replies included:

  • Campaign finance reform
  • Term limits for Congress and/or the Supreme Court
  • Nonpartisan administration of justice
  • Corporate reform
  • Fair elections
  • Sense of fairness in taxation
  • Lobbying reform

The first three topics were also immediately identified in an earlier workshop sponsored by The Sedona Tea Party and The Concerned Citizens of America where the participants were generally older, more male and leaned more right politically than the general population.

Finally, our recent participants also independently drafted three proposed constitutional amendments addressing campaign finance reform. The first proposal received a “Yes” vote of 90% of the participants after only ten minutes of drafting—and the other two proposals were supported by over 80% in less than a half an hour!

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Thank you!!