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The goal of The Peoples Convention is to provide the American people with a fair, honest and respectful opportunity to

• Make the BIGGEST difference in strengthening their American democratic process
• In the least time
• With the least effort

First, based on our workshop results and public polling over the last six years, it appears most Americans believe that addressing the following nine TOPICS would make the BIGGEST difference in upgrading the American democratic process. (See more on the proposals process)

Second, we began the process of identifying specific proposed constitutional amendments that appeared most likely to be supported by the required majority of state legislators from 38 states (75% of 50 states). To get the ball rolling, we submitted the following FIRST ROUND of SAMPLE constitutional amendments—and invited others to submit their own proposals. Online polling results through February 2016 are provided below.

Finally, based on input received during the FIRST ROUND, in March 2016, we submitted a SECOND ROUND of SAMPLE amendments also provided below.  Please go to the Proposals page and record your votes—and offer constructive suggestions—on the SECOND round.  We’ll update the results here.  Thank you!

Proposed Constitutional Amendments in alphabetical order by topic

1. Balanced Budget 

(BB1) Beginning in 2020, (1) two-percent of federal spending shall be set aside for emergencies and (2) federal spending shall not exceed the combination of revenue and funds set aside for emergencies. Any overspending by Congress shall be immediately recouped with one-half coming from an equal increase in the federal income rates and one-half coming through a pro rata reduction in government services. 67% voted YES

(BB1a) The federal government shall spend no more than it has received in revenue and saved in advance.

2. Campaign Finance Reform

(CF1) Federal election campaigns shall be funded exclusively, fairly and equally by the public treasury, and no one shall provide private resources to support a candidate. 98% voted YES

(CF1a) Public election campaigns shall be financed solely, equally and fairly by the public treasury

3. Climate Disruption

(CD1) Beginning in 2020, the total destabilizing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the United States shall be reduced by a minimum of 4% of the 2020 level every year until all destabilizing emissions are eliminated by 2045.
76% voted YES

(CD1a) The government shall cap the nation’s emissions of destabilizing greenhouse gas emissions by the year _____ and reduce them by at least ______% of the cap amount every year thereafter until all destabilizing gases are eliminated.  

4. Corporate Reform 

(CR1) No artificial, non-human entity such as a corporation or trust shall be (1) Considered a person or individual (2) Entitled to constitutional rights (3) Allowed to provide support for or against a political cause or candidate, or (4) Allowed to protect any human being from liability incurred as a result of injuring another. 84% voted YES

(CR1a) Constitutional rights are granted to individual human beings and are not intended for corporations and other artificial non-human entities.

5. Ethics in Government 

(EG1) Those in government shall serve as trustees of the public trust and shall honor the highest ethical standards of fiduciary conduct. 79% voted YES

(EG1a) Those in public service shall honor the highest fiduciary standards of ethical conduct.

6. Honesty in Policymaking

(HP1) Everyone shall always be provided with complete, honest, accurate and intelligible information on matters of public policy, and it shall be unlawful to mislead or deceive anyone on a matter of public policy. 94% voted YES

(HP1a) Everyone shall have the right to complete honesty on all matters of public policy

7. Lobbying Reform 

(LR1) Every citizen shall have an equal and fair opportunity to lobby and be heard by his or her government, and no one shall have a greater opportunity to lobby or be heard than another. 89% voted YES

(LR1a) Everyone shall have an equal and fair opportunity to participate and be heard in decisions affecting the community.

8. Rights Enforcement

(RE1a) Anyone may to bring an action to enforce their rights under this constitution and there shall be significant penalties for violations. 

9. Term Limits 

(TL1) No one shall serve in the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives or Supreme Court for a combined total of more than 12 years. 87% voted YES

(TL1a) no change