Constitutional Proposals

by Blair C. Henry JD  [1]
1/1/20 is a neutral, nonpartisan, nonprofit convention organizer based in Sedona, Arizona since 2011.

We have conducted twenty neutral, nonpartisan workshops with approximately 450 local residents, balanced fairly based on gender and political persuasion.

The participants AGREED on what they said would make the BIGGEST difference in restoring their trust and confidence in the American democratic process.[2]

They also drafted, and over 75% approved, the following as amendments to either their state or national constitution.

Sedona Amendment No. 1
HONESTY IN Politics & Media

Sedona Amendment No. 2
MONEY OUT of Politics

Sedona Amendment No. 3
ETHICS UP in Government

You are invited to click on each of the above, review the current draft, provide constructive suggestions, and vote on each proposal. Total results will be posted online and your private information will be kept confidential.  

Thank you!


1. Blair Henry is the Founder & Executive Director of The People’s Convention, Inc. dba, a strictly neutral, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization based in Sedona, Arizona since 2011.  Blair has served as a Seattle corporate and prosecuting attorney, certified mediator, graduate school professor, elected delegate to both the Democratic and Republican state conventions, and intern at both the United States and Washington State Senates. More info

[2] Political balance Gallup Jan 2018 Of those polled, 26% said they typically lean LEFT politically, 35% middle, and 35% typically lean RIGHT politically.