Hi Everyone!!

I’d appreciate your assistance as we test the theory that we’re all only six contacts away from everyone else on the planet.

We’re interested in meeting with the following people and organizations that we believe may be interested in supporting The People’s Convention and I’d be very grateful if you’d let me know . . .

1. If you—or anyone you know—may have access to any of these people or organizations, and

2. If you—or anyone you know—may have access to other people or organizations that may be interested in what we’re trying to accomplish with The People’s Convention.

If so, we’ll figure out a way to contact them in a way that works best for you!

As a reminder—we’re seeking generous, patriotic, fair-minded Americans from across the political spectrum to assist us in:
• Designing a fair, honest, democratic, highly effective and non-partisan convention process, and
• Securing a total of $900,000 by October 31—ideally with $300,000 coming from each of the major wings of the American political process—the left wing, the right wing, and the middle or independent wing.

Here’s our current One-Page Overview and our website is www.ThePeoplesConvention.org. I’ll let you know what kind of connections we can make in a week of two.
1. Nicolas Berggruen          Nicolas Berggruen Charitable Trust         New York NY
2. Warren Buffett             Berkshire Hathaway                         Omaha NE
3. Bill Gates Sr.             Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation          Seattle WA
4. Darcy Olsen                President & CEO, Goldwater Institute   Phoenix AZ
5. Jon Huntsman Sr.           Huntsman Corporation                       Park City UT
6. Elisabeth MacNamara   President, League of Women Voters          Washington DC
7. Bill Maher                 Real Time with Bill Maher (TV program)     Los Angeles, CA
8. Mark Meckler               Co-Founder, Tea Party Patriots             Northern CA
9. Joan Blades, Wes Boyd or Eli Pariser      MoveOn.org                  Bay Area CA
10. Al Neuharth               Founder, USA Today                         Cocoa Beach, FL
11. Occupy Movement
12. Jim Sinegal               Co-Founder, Costco                         Hunt’s Point WA
13. George Soros              Founder, Open Society Foundations          New York NY
14. Peter Thiel               Founder, The Thiel Foundation              San Francisco CA
15. Ted Turner                Turner Enterprises                         Atlanta GA
16. Oprah Winfrey             Harpo Productions                          Chicago IL

Blair Henry J.D., Executive Director
Blair@ThePeoplesConvention.org 218-230-4024