Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while—and I’ve been busy. Here’s the scoop.

1. New Name – We’ve got a new name, The People’s Convention. We really liked the old name, We the People, but it’s already being used by more than thirty other organizations—and our new name more accurately describes what we’re up to here.

2. New Website and Address – We’ve got a new website and web address www.ThePeoplesConvention.org. The Home Page of the new site will include news items and a new posting almost every day. The old address, www.WeThePeople.FutureNetwork.tv, should direct followers to the new site.

3. Glitches – If you find glitches on the website—please let me know—and I’ll hop right on it.

4. BIG Legal Breakthrough –The Most Important Change – As you know there are numerous proposals to strengthen our democracy that deserve a public airing. Yet—until now—there’s been no effective way for The People to get together, explore the proposals and implement the upgrades themselves.

So I’ve used some creative lawyering and established a way to make all of this work—fairly, powerfully and in short order! It allows for:

(a) Holding a People’s Convention under Article V of the U.S. Constitution—this summer!
(b) Establishing a process that’s open, fair, democratic, inclusive and effective.
(c) Focusing on proposals that bring a supermajority of Americans together—rather than divide us, and
(d) Some extremely valuable proposals being implemented—in less than a year!

I’ll be going into more detail on this shortly . . .

4. What’s Needed Now – In the meantime, what we need now to hold a convention this summer and take advantage of the current political process is funding—and one or more extremely generous and patriotic angels willing to provide it. If you have someone you think I should speak or meet with, please let me know!

Thank you and stay tuned. More coming!!

Blair Henry, Founder & Executive Director
The People’s Convention LLC
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