The goal of is to strengthen the American democratic process and restore the trust and confidence of the people.

Part One of that process, The Conventions, is to create and conduct a series of conventions around the nation providing the American people with the opportunity to come together and upgrade their democratic process themselves.

In the beginning, we will seek those proposals that appear supported by the vast majority of Americans–think 75% or more–from across the political spectrum.

Therefore, it is critically important that be recognized across the political spectrum as neutral, nonpartisan, fair, honest and unbiased.


To accomplish this, we are seeking the endorsement and support from key influential Americans and organizations from across the political spectrum.

Once it appears a political balance has been reached, we will ask the preliminary endorsers to review the list, and ask whether they are willing to allow us to publicly recognized them and their support. An endorsement may be withdrawn at any time without reason.


We will we begin to seek financial support for the conventions themselves. The current preliminary budget is $1.3M for a series of conventions with the estimates cost of the initial event at The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia of $770K.

Our goal is to secure financial support that also reflects fairly balanced support across the political spectrum. The last survey we are aware of (Sep 2016) indicates

  • 27% of Americans polled say they typically lean LEFT politically
  • 35% say they typically lean MIDDLE politically, and
  • 37% say they typically lean RIGHT politically

We also currently plan to limit contributions to no more than $100,000.


Please contact us with any interest you have in endorsing or sponsoring this work.

The BIGGER Picture

Information on The BIGGER picture may be found here.