Hi Everyone!
Based on the extensive research and comments to date, I’m submitting the first of three proposed amendments to the U.S. Constitution to establish the foundation necessary to restore trust and confidence in the American democratic process.

There are two caveats:

• None of the proposals are cast in stone—and I’d appreciate your suggestions in having them be shorter, simpler, more effective and more attractive.

• These first three proposals do not represent all of the valuable proposals available. These proposals are designed specifically to serve as the necessary foundation for all future proposals.

The first three foundational proposals address the following—in order of priority:

  1. Requiring honesty—and eliminating deception—in all matters of public policy.
  2. Eliminating the influence on money and wealth on elections and lobbying.
  3. Establishing ethical rules and term limits for public policymakers.

It appears that eliminating the influence of money on the political process is likely to make the single biggest difference in strengthening the American democratic process. However, I believe that eliminating deception in the political process will be necessary for The People to have a fair and well-informed opportunity to decide on whether to get the money out of politics—as well as all other future proposals. In today’s American democracy, as long as The People don’t require honesty in matters of public policy, it’s simply too easy to purchase or rent the media process and dominate the public discourse with false, misleading or deceptive information.

Please review the first proposal—Honesty in Public Policy—at www.ThePeoplesConvention.org and post your comments, likes/dislikes and your vote.
I’ll post the next two proposals shortly.

Thank you!!



Blair C. Henry JD, Executive Director

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