(Rev 30 Sep 2011)

I’m very fired up after the Sep 24-25, 2011, 400 person, Harvard Law School Conference on the Constitutional Convention!  Here’s my report.

1. The event proved that we really can bring people together  from the far left, far right and the Tea Party and have a respectful dialogue  into whether it would be more valuable to have a constitutional convention than not.

2. Lots of interesting pros and cons were explored in a dignified, thoughtful and intelligent way.

3. The only attempt at dissension was initiated by the media—before, during and after the event.  Almost all of the press articles expressed dissent—none of which I experienced.

4. MOST VALUABLE: The event was strongly supportive of what we’re up to at We the People:

a. Bringing random everyday Americans together in videotaped town hall meetings around the nation.

b. Charging them with being respectful, dignified, thoughtful and conscientious.

c. Providing them with the key facts about various issues facing the nation, and

d. Having them come up with proposals that would address the issues and be supported by 75% of Americans (the maximum number needed to pass a constitutional amendment)

5. So what’s next?

a. The crew is providing cost estimates for scheduling, promoting, videotaping and editing the town hall meetings. I’m guessing it may be between $40-50K per town hall meeting.

b. I’ll begin soliciting sponsors for those events. Any assistance you can provide is welcome!

OK there you go!
Comments, thoughts, suggestions, donations?

Thanks for your support!!

Blair Henry. Co-Founder
We the People