Hi Everyone!

OK! The first three proposals to restore trust and confidence in the democratic process have been posted at www.ThePeoplesConvention.org. They provide for a foundation of:


  • Honesty in politics and government
  • Fairness in campaign finance and lobbying
  • Strengthening the relationship between public policymakers and the people



Passing any ONE of these proposals would make an enormous difference.

Next, now that a foundation has been proposed, I’m requesting your suggestions and proposals on (1) what would further restore trust and confidence in the American democratic process, and (2) could be crafted in a way to secure the support of a majority of legislators in 38 states.

I am already reserving space for  proposals related to:


  • Managing the Nation’s Financial Security—balanced budgets, business bailouts
  • Restricting Corporate Authority—personhood, avoiding liability
  • Sustainable Policies—protecting current and future generations
  • Amending the Amendment Process—better access to upgrading the government
  • Providing for the Option of Direct Democracy—better ability to re-direct the government
  • One Person, One Vote—eliminating disparities in voting power
  • Reforming the War-making Powers— giving the people a role in war-making decisions


Finally, now that the groundwork is complete—it’s time to take this project to where no one has gone before:

    • Making it public
    • Identifying terrifically popular proposals,(yes, terrifically is a word—I looked it up) and
    • Getting them to the state legislators for a vote before year end.


I asking now for an army of volunteers willing to work with me in making something great happen. Please let me know if you’re interested in the possibility of volunteering for the army (and maybe get paid later) and we’ll setup a call to explore the options available to you.

Thank you!!
Your input, and sharing with others, is encouraged!

Blair C. Henry JD, Executive Director
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