We the People just completed its first three months. (Rah, Rah)

Here’s the Report Card.

First, we’ve had 945 visits to our website, www.WeThePeople.FutureNetwork.TV, of which 510 visits (56%) remained online for an average of eight minutes each and viewed an average of six pages each. According to the experts, this is a big deal. (Rah, Rah)

We also have 70 subscribers regularly receiving our blog entries. And we have our first two financial donors! (Yea!)

Second, I’m attending a big conference on the constitutional convention at Harvard Law School this weekend (Sep 24-25). It looks to be a Who’s Who of left-wing, middle-wing and right-wing professors and politicos. I’m expecting to make some great connections and I’ll get a report to you next week. More info at www.conconcon.org.

I’m learning a lot in this process—and I really appreciate your support!

Thank you!!

Blair Henry. Co-Founder
We the People