After six years of research, polling and testing, I’m pleased to share with you the extraordinary results that have been combined here into The People’s Convention 2016: The Sedona Amendments.

We asked over 450 generous residents of Sedona Arizona from across the political spectrum:

“What do YOU think would make the BIGGEST difference in upgrading and strengthening—or restoring your trust and confidence in—our American democratic process?

Then they drafted their own proposed amendment to their state and federal constitution—and had it approved by over 75% of the participants:

The people shall have the right to elections free from the influence of private wealth. (15 words)

Soon thereafter, the participants realized there was little or no chance the proposal would succeed as long as we Americans continued to allow the wealthy to mislead and deceive American voters.

The participants then drafted and approved a second proposed amendment which they were convinced would need to be approved BEFORE the first proposal could succeed:

The people shall have the right to complete honesty in all matters of public policy. (15 words)

If you are interested in having one or both of these proposed amendments presented and approved in your state, you are invited to contact The People’s Convention for assistance and support.

Finally, if you are interested in supporting or participating in the next conventionThe People’s Convention 2017please contact The People’s Convention.

Thank you!

Blair Henry


Founder & Executive Director