The purpose of The People’s Convention is to

• Give every American an equal and fair opportunity to be heard in an open, honest and dignified forum
Exploring proposals to upgrade and strengthen the American democracy, and
Having valuable proposals ratified quickly by 75% of the state legislatures.

While every American already has the constitutional right to bypass Congress and do this themselves, the right has never been used because most Americans don’t know about it—until now.

A new and innovative reading of Article V of the Constitution
• Eliminates the previous obstacles
• Allows for an efficient, honest and democratic process, and
• Quickly produces valuable results—in months rather than years or decades.

As the convention Facilitator and Executive Director of The People’s Convention LLC, my role is to:
1. Remain impartial and unbiased
2. Support participants in coming together, and
3. Assist participants in creating proposals that have the greatest chance of being implemented.

In my capacity of assisting others in drafting successful proposals, I recommend the following:

1. Proposals in Priority Order – List your proposals in order of priority. For example, if only one of your proposals were ratified, which one do you think would make the biggest difference in strengthening the democracy? Then if two of your proposals were ratified, which proposal do you think would make the second biggest difference—and so on. If you need help, please ask.

2. Be Two-Handed – On the one hand, make your proposal as short, simple and intelligible as possible. On the other hand, have your proposal be broad enough to cover as many key issues as possible. List all the specific issues you want your proposal to cover in a separate document entitled “The Intentions of the Drafter(s)”.

A lot more helpful information on drafting can be found on the FAQ page.

Soon I will provide some relatively simple proposals that should address a number of the outstanding concerns—and have a reasonable chance of being accepted.

Questions? Comments? Kudos?