Hi Everyone!

I’ll soon be sending you more information on the following three giant steps in establishing a cooperative, non-partisan process to strengthen the American democracy:

1. Local Town Hall Meetings – I’ve designed and will be facilitating 4-6 hour, highly interactive, videotaped town hall meetings around the nation.

2. Public Presentations – I’m also providing shorter, 1-2 hour presentations which are also interactive but not as much as the town hall meetings.

3. Sample Proposed Constitutional Amendments – And finally, I’m posting online some short, simple and effective proposed amendments to the constitution that address many of the issues identified to date.

I just posted the first completed proposal. It’s on Campaign Finance. Please

  • Check it out
  • Vote on it
  • Add your suggestions, and
  • Send it to others that may be interested.






Blair C. Henry J.D.
Executive Director

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