The Sedona Amendments (TSAs)

by Blair C. Henry JD [1] (rev 8/7/18)

Twenty workshops were held in Sedona, Arizona to determine what 450 residents, balanced fairly based on gender and political persuasion, AGREED would make the BIGGEST difference in upgrading and strengthening the American democratic process.[2]

The participants overwhelmingly AGREED that taking the influence of money out of the political process would make the BIGGEST difference–and they drafted, and over 75% approved, a proposed constitutional amendment in less than thirty minutes.

The participants also overwhelmingly AGREED their proposal to take the money out of politics had, in their words,  a “zero percent chance” of passing as long as We The People continued to allow the wealthy to use their wealth to mislead and deceive the American people.

So, they drafted, and over 75% approved, a second proposed constitutional amendment requiring complete honesty in the American political process–and they moved it to the top of the list.

Their final amendment is designed to increase the ethical standards in government.

Sedona Amendment No. 1  HONESTY

Sedona Amendment No. 2  MONEY  

Sedona Amendment No. 3  ETHICS  

[1] Blair C. Henry JD – Founder & Executive Director of The People’s Convention, Inc., a neutral, nonpartisan, nonprofit convention organizer based in Sedona, Arizona since 2011. Blair has served as a Seattle corporate and prosecuting attorney, certified mediator, graduate school professor, elected delegate to both the Democratic and Republican state conventions, and intern at both the United States and Washington State Senates.
[2] Political balance – Workshop participation closely resembled the national average of Americans: 24% typically lean left politically, 35% middle, and 37% right based on Gallup Jan 2016  Gallup Jan 2018 26% left, 35% middle, 35% right