Thanks for all the encouraging support following the recent blog entry entitled “The Journey to Date – And a Request for Help.”

Here’s a reply to some of the follow-up questions.

1. Is The People’s Convention a partisan effort with a hidden agenda?
No. The People’s Convention is very specifically an impartial, non-partisan process.

The only agenda is to provide every American with an equal and fair opportunity to step forward and be heard on proposals to upgrade and strengthen the American democracy and
• To resurrect the Article V convention process and make it workable
• To ensure the process is open, fair, and democratic, and
• To have the process produce highly popular and valuable results in short order.

Of course, we have our opinions about things. But our job is to rigorously keep our opinions to ourselves and not let them influence the fair and impartial facilitation of the process. We encourage anyone to let us know if it appears we may have strayed from our mission.

2. How Much Money Does The People’s Convention Need?
It takes $150,000 to launch the project. Then the cost goes up from there depending on the degree of necessary public relations, national polling, television production/distribution and volunteer coordination.

3. How Much Money Have Been Raised So Far?
None. We just started asking for support. Any assistance you can provide will be most appreciated.

4. How Can I Stay on Top of This?
Go to, add your first name and email address to our mailing list. We share the list with no one and you may remove your name at any time.

Any other questions??

Thank you!!

Blair C. Henry JD, Executive Director
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