Volunteer Opportunities are now available with The People’s Convention! Please forward this to anyone you believe may be interested in supporting this work. Commitments are negotiable. Thank you!!

1. What is This Work? – The People’s Convention is a middle-of-the-road, impartial, non-partisan organization committed to providing every American with the authentic opportunity to

  1. Resolve their concerns about the American political process in a respectful and meaningful way , and
  2. Have widely popular proposals enacted into law.

2. How Is This Accomplished? – Article V of the U.S. Constitution provides everyday Americans with the opportunity to bypass Congress and strengthen their democracy themselves. It’s never been used before—and we’re now making that process available to the people.

3. What Are the Volunteer Opportunities?

  1. Core Team – manages overall strategy.
  2. Public Relations Team – gets the word out via social media, op-eds, etc.
  3. Engagements Team – sets up opportunities to meet with others, presentations, etc.
  4. Wordsmithing Team – drafts compelling communications.
  5. State Teams – supports teams in each state in supporting their state legislators.

4. Current Highest Priority Needs

  1. Assistance with social media
  2. Scheduling speaking engagements
  3. Public relations

Thank you!!

Blair C. Henry JD, Executive Director
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