27 June 2011, www.WeThePeople.FutureNetwork.TV

Thank you everyone!
We launched We the People a little over a week ago. The first 40 readers have signed up as Co-Founders, the good ideas are coming in and comments are being posted!

I expect the name of each Co-Founder to eventually appear right up there next to John Hancock. So if you’d like to join them, go to www.WeThePeople.FutureNetwork.TV and get on our mailing list.

Here’s what’s next.

First, I’ll begin posting new information on the blog about three times a week. Upcoming topics include:
• Giving the people some direct authority in the national decision-making process, and
• Distinguishing HOW to upgrade our democracy from WHAT would upgrade our democracy

Second, I’ll post some proposals to begin to address some issues raised by others. Topics are likely to include:
• Giving everyone an equal and fair opportunity to be heard by limiting the access by lobbyists
• Protecting the rights of human beings by limiting the authority and rights of corporations, trusts and other non-human entities
• Providing some certainty and financial security for current and future generations by ensuring the long-term fiscal viability of the federal government

Finally, here’s what you can do now that would make the biggest difference.
Please help in creating a “buzz” by
• Posting your ideas on the Good Ideas or Submit Proposal page
• Reviewing, commenting and voting on the Proposals submitted by others
• Having your friends watch our 2 minute video at http://vimeo.com/18895756
• Having your friends go to our website at www.WeThePeople.FutureNetwork.TV
• Having other websites mentioning our website

There you go!
Let me know what YOU have to say!!
Blair Henry, Co-Founder of We the People
Manager, FutureNetwork.TV