When the game’s not working, you don’t change the PLAYERS.
You change the RULES.

In our political process, REGARDLESS OF WHO IS PRESIDENT, when Congress won’t address the concerns of a majority of the people:

  • Lack of honesty in policymaking
  • Getting the money out of politics
  • Term limits for members of Congress
  • Balanced federal budget
  • Greenhouse gas reductions

THE ONLY OPTION (short of revolution), is to

  • Hold our own convention, and
  • Submit constitutional amendments for approval by 75% of the state legislatures

It’s never been done before.
But we can help with that. That’s what we do.

Become a SUPPORTER of The People’s Convention!
It’s FREE and it makes a BIG difference.

Tell us what you want. Vote on proposals, Submit your own proposal.
And help us

  • Secure support from across the political spectrum, and
  • Raise funds for the first national in-person convention later this year.

Thank you!!

Founder & Executive Director
The People’s Convention