Our initial workshop was a success!. Lots of opportunities opening up – mostly associated with the right wing of the political spectrum. Come on middle, independent and left wings!!  Here’s the final report.
(rev. 18 Sep 2013, B. Henry)

1. Attendance
Fifteen people attended the workshop.

2. Political Inclination
The participants self-identified their typical political leaning as

  • 40% left
  • 27% middle, and
  • 33% right

Participants included some of most influential local residents typically associated with the right wing of the American political spectrum.

3. Design
The workshop consisted of three stages:

  • Background, Facts & Options – 90 min
  • Designing Successful Amendments to the Constitution – 90 min
  • Turning Visions into Reality – 60 min 

4. Collaboration – The participants chose three topics from which to design a proposed amendment to the constitution that would secure the support of 75% of the participants:

  • a balanced budget amendment
  • a campaign finance reform amendment, and
  • an equal rights under the law amendment 

After fifteen minutes of design work, and within twenty minutes of group discussion, each proposal was eventually refined to where it was accepted by over 75% of the workshop participants. 

5. Participation – Thirteen of the participants (87%) completed the four hour workshop. Each was heard by the entire group and each participated fully and powerfully.

6. Continued Participation: Of those that completed the workshop

  • Eleven (77%) agreed they were “IN” meaning they agreed to either work on (1) supporting one or more specific proposals in being implemented or (2) supporting The People’s Convention in making the Article V process truly available to people
  • Three (23%) chose to “Wait n See” which meant they wanted to stay in the loop and continue to observe the works of the INs.
  • Zero (0%) were “OUT” meaning they were not interested in participating further.  

7. Written Feedback (in alphabetical order by first name)

Good! . . .very informative! You’re a PATRIOT! – Andrea Kadar, leadership, Sedona Tea Party 

Explanations, examples and definitions were very good. – D. Charles Christensen, leadership, Sedona Republican Men 

Come speak to the Sedona Men’s Republican Club and the Mingus Mountain Republican Club.  Blair: Great job! Thank you!Hon. Dan McIlroy JD – Sedona City Council, Sedona Republican Men 

Great workshop – informative, educational, empowering. – Dwight Kadar, leadership, Sedona Tea Party

An informative and fun afternoon – very thought provoking. – Ida deBlanc, Clarkdale 

You have managed to corral the vocal and facilitate a focus on the common interests.- Joy Hope

This workshop was an inspiring, enjoyable, thought-provoking experience. I’m glad I came! Keep up this good work!  Paul Friedman PhD, former Professor of Communication Studies, U. Kansas 

This was interesting to see so much diversity in this group at start of the meeting and so much compatibility at the end of the meeting.  Amazing how professional Blair handled questions and issues and direction and glad I came. – Sonny Marten 

A wealth of knowledge that allowed a flow of great actions and ideas from a diverse audience. Well done!    Tom Parsons PhD 

8. New Opportunities Created
Out of this workshop, ten (10) new opportunities/invitations to speak and/or hold a workshop became apparent.  Most of the invitations have come from those typically associated with the right wing of the political spectrum. 

9. Observations

a. Promotional Materials – Our promotional materials appear attractive to the right wing of the political spectrum but do not appear to be as attractive to the middle or left wings. Revisions underway.

b. Length – Will begin designing a shorter workshop from 4 hours to approximately 2.5 hours.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone.

Thank you!

Blair Henry
Executive Director